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BIM Modeling & Coordination, Drawing and Rendering


BIM Modeling & Coordination:

3D model is the host of other building related information. The parametric model serves to improve accuracy, maintain project information integrity, and reduce time to iterate changes through the project. VIRCON will develop a project parametric model to integrate, coordinate and help to document project disciplines including architecture, structure and MEP. If required, construction optimization studies conducted by the project construction team could later be incorporated into the BIM model by VIRCON during construction stage. In this way, key design and fabrication constraints could be embedded into the BIM model, sources of conflict identified and managed, and real-time statistics on building material quantities and variation and building floor-plate areas generated.


VIRCON establishes the best practice and methodologies for drawing extractions from the Master BIM Model, including 3D attributing methods, drawing extraction methodologies and additional model organization to support and enhance the data extraction workflow. VIRCON will develop a process for drawing approvals by utilizing Project Collaboration Platform. Additional dictionaries and attributes set-up may be required.
Best practices and methodologies may be established to ensure a strict protocol for approvals. VIRCON will further process 3D models data format specifically tailored to enable digital fabrication direct from 3D and attribute data. Export of data from the model for direct fabrication will be coordinated by VIRCON.


VIRCON fully supports the design team to present and demonstrate the design intent. Vircon’s professional visualization team will render visual graphics for the design and marketing. Graphical animation can be generated for display.

Clash Detection and Management Analysis

To fully use of BIM model, the BIM team will work closely with all disciplines. During the project process, BIM models in whole or parts will be published into a 3D dwf format file bi-weekly, such that the project team and concerned parties can easily view and understand the information. This will facilitate effective coordination and communications among BIM team and other consultants.

The BIM Manager would attend the project team monthly meetings and coordinate issues and response to requirements of the concerned parties. He would also control the quality of service, progress, as well as lead the BIM team to resolve technical problems, and conduct build ability and other relevant studies.

4D and 5D Simulation

VIRCON provides 4D (3D models with the added dimension of time) simulation service, which can be utilized to effectively show the construction sequence and space requirements on a building site. It is a powerful visualization and communication tool that can give a project team, including the owner, a better understanding of project milestones and construction plans.
VIRCON also perform 5D simulation that is to build the intelligent linking of individual 3D BIM components or assemblies with schedule (time) constraint and cost-related information. 5D simulation enables the various participants (from owners, designers to contractors) of a construction project to visualize the progression of construction activities and its related costs over time.

Quantity Take-off

VIRCON will double check the quantities in BQ based on the model, schedule, plans and elevation. We have experience to using BIM model to calculate
1) Concrete volume of walls, slabs and columns;
2) Surface area of external walls and interior walls;
3) Area of slabs;
4) Area of EVA, planter areas and corridors;
5) Amount of doors, windows, etc.;
6) Volume of cutting and filling excavation;
7) Concrete volume of piles and caps.

BIM Project Management

We provide entire BIM project management delivery service from Design, Construction, to Facility Management Stage.

Building Information Modeling Consultant Hong Kong, Macau, China, and South East Asia. Hong Kong BIM Consultant.

​We welcome the opportunities to work and collaborate with developers, investors, architects, engineers, and other parties.

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