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Alarm System for Vehicle Operation

Drivers of goods vehicles may benefit from supplementary devices that help them to better detect the condition at the rear of the vehicles when reversing.

RFID Alarm Sensor for Vehicle Operation was developed by The Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM R&D Centre). RFID Alarm Sensors System have been installed and used in the Construction Site and Logistic facility for safety prevention. The system includes RFID Sensing Unit, Driver Alarm Unit, RFID Tag (Clothes, Helmet, etc), and Cable Charger or Battery Charger.

RFID Tags were attached to Reflective Vest and Safety Helmet. RFID Sensor is attached to the back of vehicle. Once the tag is within the sensing distance, driver alarm will warn the driver.

 Construction Virtual Prototyping

Virtual Prototyping (VP) provides a capacity to “construct in the computer”. It provides a modeling and simulation environment so powerful that the production, fabrication and assembly of construction components, including the associated operational processes, can be simulated in the computer. VP takes into account all of variables in the project procurement process from feasibility analysis to maintenance management. The primary objective is to evaluate the feasibility of construction processes with a view to minimize the time and resource use.

The Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory has been set up to develop and promote latest virtual prototyping technologies in construction to improve efficiency and accuracy of construction planning.

Vircon Limited, a professional BIM Service Provider and Consultant.

CVP Lab, research focus BIM and Virtual Construction lab.

UAV Photogrammetry


Smart City

Smart City

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Advance Safety Equipment
Building Automation
Internet of Things (IoT)
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